Magic D-Pro SK78 1.5mm - Liros


Magic D-Pro SK78 1.5mm - Liros


The LIROS 100% pure Dyneema® SK78 rope, with the latest coating technology. The pre stretched 12-braid is extremely easy to splice.

Impregnated with a special PU, the resistance to abrasion has improved more than 75%. The pre stretching process further improves the overall performance of the LIROS D Pro. These two treatments combined with the fact it is a pure Dyneema rope offer improved performance by as much as 70% over a conventional polyester covered Dyneema. 

  • A multi purpose rope with many applications across every sailing yacht. Ideal replacement for stainless steel wire.

  • best choice for all applications with extreme loads

  • Material: Coated Dyneema SK78

  • Construction: 12 plaited heat-set and coated

  • 1.5mm Breaking Strength 230kg

  • 1.5mm Weight per 100m 0.13kg

  • Stretch characteristics  < 1%

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