Ultra78 5mm - Gottifredi Maffioli


Ultra78 5mm - Gottifredi Maffioli


Endurance is the key factor in racing. That's why Gottifredi Maffioli were the first in the world to develop a range of yachting lines produced with the innovative Dyneema® SK 78 fibre. This material delivers significantly improved stability under static loads, which results in better performance and longer life even under the most extreme conditions. Combining the typical high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent low stretch, abrasion and UV resistance of Dyneema® fibers, to a 3 times slower creep compared to Dyneema® SK75, these lines are the ideal choice for all those applications where precision, control and reliability are a must.

Construction: Single Braid
Core: Dyneema® SK 78 with HTR treatment and polyurethane coating
Diameter: 2 - 24 mm (larger diameters on demand)
Use: Strops, lashings and purchase systems subject to high satic loads, halyards on hydraulic rams, aft rigging
Characteristics: Extremely high strength, very low stretch and minimum creep

Strength* [daN]

2mm- 480

3mm- 1440

4mm- 2440

5mm- 3450

6mm- 4450

7mm- 6900

8mm- 8300

9mm- 9630

10mm- 12750

11mm- 14850

12mm- 16600

14mm- 22800

16mm- 27400

*Spliced Strength - The values reported above are average values, measured on eye-spliced samples of new product and in laboratory conditions at normal room temperature (about 25 Degrees Celcius) and are subject to change without prior notice. Usage and exposure to natural agents may reduce the breaking strength. for more information please refer to product discosure page.

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