Ultragrip78 5mm - Gottifredi Maffioli


Ultragrip78 5mm - Gottifredi Maffioli


Ideal for Laser Traveller Rope or any Dyneema application where it is cleated or controlled by hand

Ultragrip 78 is studied to combine the quality of lightness, abrasion resistance and very low creep of Dyneema® SK78 to a lowstretch construction and the soft-handling of a special non-slip fibre, which makes it easy to handle even without cover.

Construction: Single Braid
Core: Dyneema ® SK78 with polyurethane coating
Diameter: 4 - 10 mm (larger diameters on demand)
Use: Lock halyard, control lines
Characteristics: Extremely lightweight, low stretch, good grip and handling quality

Strength* [daN]

4mm- 1290

5mm- 2150

6mm- 2950

7mm- 3700

8mm- 4950

9mm- 5850

10mm- 7000

*Spliced Strength - The values reported above are average values, measured on eye-spliced samples of new product and in laboratory conditions at normal room temperature (about 25 Degrees Celcius) and are subject to change without prior notice. Usage and exposure to natural agents may reduce the breaking strength. for more information please refer to product discosure page.

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