20mm Single Dynamic Bearing Block - Allen


20mm Single Dynamic Bearing Block - Allen


Allen 20mm Dynamic Blocks feature the patented Allen Dynamic bearing system which provides an unrivalled weight to performance ratio. Allen's dynamic bearing technology utilising high quality 316 stainless steel ball bearings running on a stainless steel axle provides an unsurpassed dynamic load carrying ability.

This is coupled with Allen's high strength and rope friendly stainless steel ultra-strap; making them amongst the strongest and most reliable ball bearing blocks on the market.

The range is available with different types of accessories including lacing eyes, hooks, swivels and cleats. The range also features a central rivet that provides great options as a tie on becket. You’ll find a 20mm block to suit most control line applications.

  • Length: 37mm

  • Max line diameter:  6mm

  • Breaking Load: 540kg

  • Maximum Working Load: 115kg

  • Weight: 11.1g

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