Magic Pro 4mm - Liros


Magic Pro 4mm - Liros


LIROS Magic Pro Sheet combines all of the best characteristics with extreme low stretch. The core is coated and specially treated with LIROS Heat-Stretch-System.

A halyard or a sheet designed for dinghies, catamarans and sports boats. The low stretch characteristics are delivered by the LIROS Dyneema Pro core. Designed to be used with the cover stripped. The cover needs only to be used where the rope is being handled.

  • Grip Factor 9

  • exacting cover construction for excellent hold in cleats and on winches

  • outstanding block performance, enabling ultra-fast manoeuvres

  • specialised Polyester grip fibres for optimal control in any condtions, perfect

  • handling through manoeuvres

  • LIROS Heat-Stretch-System for lowest stretch

  • ideal for cover-stripping

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